Shaping the Future: Stoneprime at the Global AI Summit 2022

Stoneprime, represented by its COO Antonio Simeone, was invited to the Global AI Summit in September 2022, hosted at the headquarters of the King Abdulaziz International Conference Center in Riyadh.

It was a two-way conversation that engages every attendee, speaker, and partner in a rich dialogue about how AI can solve complex problems, empower businesses, shape our future, and ultimately, transform society.

Global AI Summit 2022
Global AI Summit 2022

From local and regional “visions” to the united economic framework, The Global AI Summit gathers the most prominent policy makers, leading investors, thought leaders and innovators in the field today.

The main theme of the event was how the AI leaders of the world today are deploying, scaling, and leveraging the technology.

Furthermore there was a deep analysis on how the future of AI looks like and how it will impact people, businesses and government organizations.

One of the most discussed topics was how AI looks ahead to the change makers & pioneers who are paving the way for AI to solve some of the world’s most meaningful challenges.

AI Never challenges the audience and speakers to engage in debates about the ethics & responsible use of AI across a range of domains and topics.​