Stoneprime US

Welcome to Stoneprime US, a trailblazer in the intersection of finance, biotech, and Artificial Intelligence. We develop both qualitative and quantitative AI algorithms to replace and automate the job of scientific analysts, assessing the potential development of biotech companies in the US stock market.

Our Investors

Whether you’re an institutional investor, a High Net Worth Individual, a Family Office or a Venture Capital, Stoneprime US offers a unique investment experience that combines the dynamism of biotech and the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence.

Our patented solutions

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Stoneprime US:
Pioneering Biotech Investments

Adopting a unique AI – driven strategy, we invest in biotech firms based on potential FDA drug approvals. Harnessing the power of AI, we delve deep into market reactions to new discoveries.

How do we use AI to assess the potential growth of biotech firms?

By using Artificial Intelligence, Stoneprime US creates a series of algorithms that assess the potential development of over 500 companies in the Biotech sector.

We have filed for a provisional patent (No. 63/634,059) and our technology is now officially patent pending.

Qualitative AI

Qualitative AI represents the core of our algorithms. Our technology allows us to examine resources, capabilities and CV’s of the target companies’ management team. We also assess their quality or research analyzing molecules, competitors, congress abstracts, published papers, and scientific citations.

Quantitative AI

Quantitative AI tries to find the ideal entry point for the examined stock. The code individualizes micro-patterns in the stock movement, needed to fully capture the movement. We examine the profile of each individual asset from multiple perspectives, searching for clues invisible to the human eye with an innovative scientific approach.

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