Our History

Stoneprime US is an innovative synthesis of Artificial Intelligence and Biotech, aimed at transforming and influencing how the global biomedical stock market operates and makes decisions.

This fusion of skills aims to create new AI models that can provide revolutionary insights and strategies for the market, opening new frontiers in the field of biomedical investment.

January 2018

In a selected and prestigious landscape of Italian innovation, the chance meeting between Paolo and Antonio paved the way for a unique adventure, specifically oriented towards the global biomedical stock market.

Paolo, with his extensive knowledge gained as a former international scientific researcher in molecular biology, structural biochemistry, and drug development, had already conducted in-depth analyses, examining scientific articles, medical congress abstracts, and studying molecules for FDA pipelines.

Meeting Antonio, an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning with a specific interest in the stock market, sparked the creation of Stoneprime. This project represents the synthesis of their diverse yet complementary skills, combining Paolo’s biomedical knowledge with Antonio’s technological expertise in AI.

After 3 years of work on the part of the scientific team, Stoneprime SRL was founded as an Italian company with a challenging dream: automate the job of scientific researchers who analyze biotech companies, evaluating the potential of their drugs in each phase of FDA approval with a totally AI – driven approach.

AI automatically studies a series of qualitative and quantitative information to foresee market aspects of over 500 USA biotech companies.

December 2020

July 2021

Stoneprime’s algorithms began by working on a Luxembourg UCITS fund.

For the purpose of the training and AI’s continuous improvement, the Stoneprime team has decided to constitute a scientific commission made up of brilliant researchers and rising stars in the global biotech firmament.

May 2023

October 2023

As a result of meeting a brilliant Italo-American researcher, Giorgio Casaburi, StonePrime US is now a chartered company. Together with him and with the scientific commission, StonePrime US is developing a new AI 2.0 both qualitative as well as quantitative based on Large Language Models and on new output. Stoneprime US is creating a one-of-a-kind product, working with clients as if they were accredited investors, investment funds and venture capitalists.