Revolutionizing Asset Management: Stoneprime at Generali Investments AI Day 2023

Stoneprime, represented by its COO Antonio Simeone, was invited to Milan by Generali Investments in July 2023 at the 1st AI Day for Asset Managers.

He talked about his experience in systematic trading and Biotech.

His speech focused on our #AI scientific approach, both Qualitative and Quantitative that are deeply used in Stoneprime.

On one hand, AI independently learns public data from 500 US biotechnology companies every day in a fully automated way.

Abstract congresses, papers, research team quotes, CV’s, the quality of research, innovation index and in particular the molecules are input for the algorithms.

On the other hand, Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics help the scientific team to model financial markets, performing operation timing and indicating when to buy or sell a Biotech Company.

Algos anticipate how the market may appreciate new discoveries in relation to the approaching FDA.

Stoneprime was honored to speak in front of such an outstanding audience, between international AI experts and portfolio managers.