Navigating New Economic Frontiers: Stoneprime at FII 2023, The New Compass

Stoneprime, represented by its COO Antonio Simeone, was invited to FII 7th Edition: The New Compass.

In its 7th Edition the FII invites the world’s leading investors, business leaders, policymakers, inventors, and explorers to come together to discover the new markets and navigate new frontiers of economic growth and prosperity.

Best of #FII7 in 10 Minutes

The theme of FII7: “The New Compass” is based on the experience of explorers such as renowned world leaders, policymakers, top CEOs, investors, NGOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, activists, and media who chart a new path toward a brighter future for all.

FII7 is an interactive platform designed to help investors recalibrate the pathways for their companies and for the global economy, while developing new strategies for understanding the greatest challenges and opportunities of this new era.

FII Institute is governed by an independent Board of Trustees made up of civic leaders, entrepreneurial pioneers and noted academicians, who are entrusted with guiding and empowering the Institute to achieve its mandate based on strong ESG foundations.