Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Finance, Biotech, and Energy: Stoneprime’s Innovative Journey at KAUST 2024

Stoneprime, represented by Antonio Simeone and Emanuele Ricco, was hosted at KAUST, the most important innovation pole in the Middle East, for a session on its Artificial Intelligence journey.

The university aims to advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research. It attracts an international community of researchers and students, providing a unique environment that fosters innovation and economic development.

The talk was titled ‘Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Strategic Advancements in Finance, Biotech, and Energy,’ highlighting the UK and Italian expertise that led Stoneprime US’s founders to initiate operations in San Diego, California, in October 2023. This move marks a significant milestone in technological innovation and value creation within the US market.

The focus of the discussion was on developing advanced AI, specifically using Large Language Models (LLMs), to enhance information extraction from textual data. More broadly, it covered the latest AI innovations applied to the Biotech sector.

Stoneprime US expresses deep gratitude to KAUST for the invitation and is confident that this talk could signify the start of a fruitful scientific collaboration for both parties.