Inclusive ESG in Emerging Markets: Stoneprime at FII Priority 2022, London

Stoneprime, represented by its COO Antonio Simeone, was invited to FII Priority in May 2022, based in London.

Best of : Inclusive ESG in Emerging Markets Summit – London

The name of the event was: ‘Inclusive ESG for Emerging Markets’.

As reported on the Future Investment Initiative site, Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has become one of the most important forces in global business today, with ESG assets slated to reach USD $53 trillion by 2025, comprising a third of global AUM.

As global businesses and investors seek to urgently align sustainability with financial performance focused on new economic and environmental priorities, there are many competing perspectives on how to approach these issues.

Stoneprime attaches great importance to ESG, incorporating strong ESG practices that are often perceived as being better managed, more sustainable, and less risky investments. Addressing environmental and social issues can help mitigate potential risks associated with regulatory changes, public sentiment, and environmental challenges.