Embracing Megatrends: Stoneprime at FII Priority 2023, Hong Kong

Stoneprime, represented by its COO Antonio Simeone, was invited to FII Priority in December 2023, based in Hong Kong.

FII Priority is a program powered by FII Institute, consisting of summits, initiatives, and resolutions anchored by the Institute’s FII PRIORITY Compass, focused on humanity’s priorities, concerns, and hopes.

FII Priority Hong Kong addressed ‘Megatrends Shaping Humanity.


The theme aims to explore the region’s rapid urbanization, accelerating digital transformation and how Asia is driving the global megatrends of tomorrow, today.

Hong Kong was chosen as a vibrant superconnector ideally placed to spark the groundbreaking global dialogues, ideas and innovations needed to power the megatrends shaping humanity with its:

  • Global Financial & Investment Hub
  • Epicenter of Cutting-Edge Technology & Innovation
  • Bridge to Mainland China & Asia
  • Competitive & Attractive Business Environments
  • Thriving Startup & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Some of the main themes of the event were AI, Greentech, Connectivity and Circular Economy.